Cross city project

Value assessment of digital health in cancer care

A city guide developed to assess the value of digital health
Completion as of Sep 15, 2023
Areas of action
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The challenge

Resource allocation for digital health interventions in cancer care is challenging in low and middle income countries (LMICs) because it is difficult to measure the value they generate. Although health technology assessments (HTA) frameworks are readily available and are now being implemented in many parts of the world, they do not adequately address the specificities of digital health and/or do not fit the reality of LMICs.
In order to scale digital health interventions (DHIs) for cancer care, project owners need to provide domestic and international funders with the right datapoints to help them quantify the return on their investment.

The goal

To develop a robust value assessment guide for digital health assessment, so cities can design their own interventions and generate sound, locally relevant evidence.


By reviewing existing value assessment frameworks and publications on digital health, with the goal of building a framework of domains and criteria to assess the value of digital health intervention in LMICs.
Further regional engagements will be conducted to achieve greater local relevance.

Impact / Achievements

The guide on the value assessment of digital health can be adapted to suit the local context.
Health economics experts, representing diverse health system contexts, reviewed and developed this framework before it was tested with selected decision-makers in C/Can cities.


City Guide for the Value Assessment of Digital Health

Lumbwe Chola

Local authorities can only make decisions on investing in digital systems on the basis of an evidence-based value assessment. The problem is that there is limited guidance available at the moment for the governments in LMICs to run those assessments comprehensively and independently.

Lumbwe Chola
Senior Advisor at Norwegian Institute of Public Health

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