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Budget impact analysis for the reimbursement of cancer diagnostics in Tbilisi

Providing health authorities in Tbilisi with a budget impact analysis of including cancer diagnostics as part of the country’s Universal Healthcare Programme (UHC)
Completion as of Mar 1, 2024
Areas of action
Project lead
Irina Javakhadze

The challenge

Georgia introduced a Universal Healthcare Program in 2013 which has improved access to health services and reduced financial barriers for the population. As part of the country’s UHC insurance, cancer treatment is available and covers around 80% of costs for patients. However, diagnosis of cancer, which includes pathology services and imaging exams, is not currently reimbursed. Georgia has a significant number of patients who are being diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer for this reason.

The goal

To provide the Georgian Ministry of Health with evidence to support the decision for inclusion of cancer diagnostics in the country’s Universal Healthcare Program to increase access. 


Using existing data and analysis, the project team will develop a model for pricing standard cancer diagnostic procedures according to national and international guidelines. They will also prepare a budget impact forecast to the Georgian Ministry of Health for the inclusion of diagnostic reimbursement in UHC, and based on this analysis they will provide recommendations on priority areas of reimbursement.


  • Diagnostic test packages for tumour regions in the city to be reimbursed according to cancer management guidelines.
  • Guide detailing diagnostic test package pricing across Georgia’s 7 cancer centres.
  • Detailed forecast scenario with budget impact for the inclusion of diagnostic reimbursement.
  • Workshop report outlining the budget impact analysis with recommendations for reimbursement of diagnostic procedures for cancer.
Urs Beer

Diagnosis is the first important step in any treatment; timely and accessible diagnosis for cancer patients is of vital importance. Supported by Switzerland, the Diagnostic Reimbursement project is designed to provide robust evidence and forecasts to include cancer diagnosis in the Universal Healthcare Programme of Georgia, making it accessible to the people most in need.

Urs Beer
Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Switzerland in Georgia


Project Lead
Irina Javakhadze, Acting Head of Health Policy Department, Ministry of Health
Tbilisi, Georgia

Budget impact analysis for the reimbursement of cancer diagnostics in Tbilisi

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