Cross city project

Implementation science masterclass

Completion as of Mar 21, 2024
Areas of action
Project lead
Meritxell Mallafré-Larrosa

The challenge

Existing funding is misaligned with the global cancer burden, demanding the fostering of research relevant to LMICs and building LMIC research capacity. The current lack of emphasis on implementation research impacts our ability to deliver innovation in low-resource settings that translate into affordable and equitable outcomes.

The goal

To invest in the training and scientific capacity of individuals and institutions in LMICs, to not only foster a research culture and solidify local ownership of research, but also to enhance the development of sustainable and locally-appropriate solutions.


C/Can launched a two-day online masterclass in Implementation Science, exclusively designed for our city stakeholders in collaboration with the University of Melbourne. This masterclass is aimed at cultivating a strong research culture and promoting local ownership, enabling participants to develop effective, context-specific solutions.



  • 90 participants from 13 different cities participated in the first masterclass.
Cross City Projects

Seed grants for cancer health system research in C/Can cities

Cross City Projects

Implementation science masterclass

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