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Scaling Innovative Finance for Cancer Care

A new collaboration platform will empower LMICs to share financing solutions and develop locally focused solutions at scale.
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
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The challenge

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO), 70% of cancer patients in low and middle income countries (LMICs) experience financial hardship and avoid embarking on or completing their care journey to avoid catastrophic financial shortfalls. The development of universal health coverage (UHC) policies by public payers is a vital step reward, but this alone is unlikely to achieve the UHC objective of comprehensive, quality and innovative cancer care by 2030.
Innovative financing presents promising opportunities to bridge existing UHC gaps, provided solutions are crafted to the local context and to a targeted affordability issue. However, due to lack of collaboration, most interventions remain trapped in silos and cannot be scaled as accessible solutions for patients .

The goal

To raise awareness of local financing innovations and initiate collaborations that remove barriers to accessible, innovative financing for cancer care in City Cancer Challenge =( C/Can) cities and beyond.


C/Can is fostering the development of a collaboration platform empowering LMICs to share their solutions in innovative ways and discuss how to collaborate and scale their impact.

The programme’s workshops have brought experts from local and international private companies together with ,development finance professionals and C/Can stakeholders, enabling them to examine real-life projects and co-develop concrete solutions at scale.

Impact / Achievements

27 experts have attended the workshops and led to the development of three local innovations.


  • A series of workshops to co-develop solutions.
Abdulkarim Muhammad

We are constantly exploring new ways to improve access to cancer treatment in Sub Saharan Africa, but we cannot scale our actions alone, which is why we need a platform to exchange ideas and drive local collaboration on innovative finance

Abdulkarim Muhammad
Health & Value Lead at Pfizer

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