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Gender-responsive health systems for cancer care

To contribute to the organisation’s gender equity strategy, C/Can has put together a working group to generate recommendations on how to build gender-responsive health systems.
Completion as of Dec 31, 2024
Areas of action
Project lead
Meritxell Mallafré-Larrosa

The challenge

The 2023 Lancet Commission ‘Women, Power and Cancer’ (LCWC) raised urgent questions about how the cancer burden in women is significantly under-recognised, and how there are substantial gender inequalities in the way women interact with cancer. This includes as healthy individuals participating in cancer prevention, as patients, as health professionals, researchers, policymakers and as unpaid caregivers. 

The goal

To build upon the findings and recommendations of the ‘Women, Power and Cancer Commission’ and ensure a gender lens is integrated into C/Can’s technical cooperation program delivered to the cities for cancer care health system strengthening.


A working group of 7 women who are working in the cancer care sector in C/Can cities to contribute to defining C/Can’s strategy in response to the report. Each of the participants are encouraged to elevate the local perspectives of the unique challenges faced by women in LMICs concerning access to cancer care, challenges experienced by the workforce, as well as system-level barriers.

The participants will: 

  • Review C/Can’s health and gender equity strategy in cancer to be launched in September 2024 during a United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) side event. 
  • Co-author a manuscript reflecting on the LCWC recommendations in LMICs, including notions of feasibility and relevance in each member’s context.


The participants

The working group is composed by
Dr. Nur Aishah Taib, Greater Petaling (Malaysia)
Dr. Julia Ismael, Rosario (Argentina)
Dr. Nwamaka Lasebikan, Abuja (Nigeria)
Dr. Elene Mariamidze, Tbilisi (Georgia)
Dr. Miriam Mutebi, Nairobi (Kenya)
Dr. Carolina Goic, Concepción (Chile)
Dr. Elia Lara Lona, Leon (Mexico)

C/Can would like to thank its supporters, and particularly Siemens Healthineers, an independent sponsor of the working group.

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