Cross city project

Capacity development of primary health care professionals on the management of childhood cancers

Developing a syllabus to provide training in the management of childhood cancers for primary health care professionals.
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
Project lead

The challenge

Cancer is among the three most common causes of disease-related mortality among children and adolescents, and the problem is particularly acute in low and middle income countries (LMICs), whose long-term survival rates are far lower than those of well-resourced countries. Factors that determine outcomes include cancer biology, host conditions, social determinants and the delivery of cancer care, along with missed and delayed diagnosis.

The goal

To create short, user-friendly documents that can provide a framework for the development of specific guidance materials at city level. These documents may include management guidelines, development plans and a syllabus for a training programme.


During the last quarter of 2021, City Cancer Challenge (C/Can) formed a specialist taskforce on childhood cancer, comprising leading experts from four “key learning cities” as well as representatives of C/Can partners. Their first initiative was to envision and draft a syllabus for a childhood cancer training programme that could be applied to different local contexts.
Once the final version was ready, this document was submitted to a virtual consultation process with C/Can cities. Feedback from the cities was incorporated and the final document was disseminated.

Impact / Achievements

The first guide, providing advice on how to develop a training programme for the management of childhood cancer at primary healthcare level, has been circulated among C/Can cities.


  • Guide on how to develop a training programme for the management of childhood cancer at primary healthcare level.

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