City project

Multidisciplinary treatment of breast and cervical cancers

Asuncion has improved and standardised the quality of care for women with breast and cervical cancers
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Project lead
Dr Raul Doria

The challenge

The situation analysis performed in Asuncion revealed significant inadequacies in care for breast and cervical cancers. Furthermore, the lack of multidisciplinary teams impedes integrated decision-making and follow-up with patients.
The curability rate of breast and cervical cancers can be improved by applying established international best practices, standardised diagnosis and clear treatment protocols to the management of patients.

The goal

To standardise the treatment and comprehensive care of cancer patients with breast and cervical cancers.


In collaboration with international experts, the project team has developed multidisciplinary management guidelines for both cancer types to support the National Cancer Control Programme in Paraguay, as well as collaborating on the implementation of the Law for Comprehensive Care for Cancer Patients.
Having achieved consensus at a local level, a campaign has been planned to ensure that all institutions that provide oncological services in Asuncion follow the recommendations.

Impact / Achievements

Paraguay’s Ministry of Public Health and Welfare has approved the creation of multidisciplinary tumour committees. Furthermore, a National Cancer Control Plan Office has been established to embed treatment guidelines into the National Cancer Care Programme, in collaboration with the World Health Organisation. 


  • Regulations for the creation of multidisciplinary teams for breast and cervical cancers
  • Guidelines for the management of breast cancer
  • Guidelines for the management of cervical cancer


Project Lead
Dr Raul Doria
Project Coordinator - Breast cancer
Dr Valencia Sanabria Zuzulich
Project Coordinator - Cervical cancer
Dr Graciela Gómez
Project Team - Breast Cancer
Dr.Valeria Sanabria Zuzulich
Dr.Rene Lando
Dr. Maria Laura Paredes
Dr. Guadalupe Centurión
Dr. Roberto López Fernández
Dr. Patricia Martínez
Dra. Sandra Cataldi
Dra. Maria Luis Cabañas
Dr. Judith Oertell
Dr. Christian Campi
Dr. Leticia Viana
Dr. Maria José Avila
Dr. Hugo Boggino
Dr. Cinthia Gauna
Dr. Miguel Aguero
Dr. Diego Giménez
Dr. Leticia Viana
Dr. Lester Flores
Dr. Oscar Centurión
Dr. Graciela Gómez
Dr. Lilian Gimenez
Dr. Alejandro Sotomayor
Project team - Cervical cancer
Dr Amanda Anderson
Dr Arnaldo Lefebvre
Dr María Rita Pereira
Dr Ricardo Blasdimir Vega
Dr Claudia Maria Fernandez
Dr. Pedro Luis Chavez
Dr. Julio Cesar Rojas
Dr. Christian Campi
Dr. Leticia Viana
Dr. Lester Flores
Dr. Oscar Centurión
Dr. Graciela Gómez
Dr. Lilian Gimenez
Dr. Alejandro Sotomayor
Dr Valeria Sanabria

C/Can was the promoter and driver. It provided the orientation for developing and producing the guide and accompanied the entire drafting process and made it possible to distribute it throughout the country. The objective of the guide is to improve the care of breast cancer patients by unifying criteria and making decisions via a multidisciplinary team.

Dr Valeria Sanabria
Breast surgeon and project coordinator of the breast cancer guidelines at Paraguayan Mastology Society

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