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Supported by C/Can’s network of local, regional and global partners and experts, Asuncion is developing and implementing sustainable cancer care projects that respond to local needs. Key actors from the public and private sectors, as well as civil society, have joined forces to establish cancer as a political priority at national level, and develop solutions that can be replicated throughout C/Can’s network of cities around the world.
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    February 2017


Why it matters

  • 191
    Cancer incidence rate (per 100,000)
  • 3.3 M
    Asuncion population
  • 95.5
    Cancer mortality rate (per 100,000)
  • 7.05 M
    Population reached

Main needs and challenges in Asuncion

Asuncion’s needs assessment process, drawing on inputs from over 200 different healthcare professionals across 16 institutions, highlighted a variation in standards across key specialisms, gaps in the training of healthcare professionals and disparities in the way data was handled between sites.

Projects in Asuncion

The City Executive Committee identified seven key projects, focusing specifically on the areas of pathology, radiotherapy and multidisciplinary care. These projects have produced a raft of guidelines, standards and quality assurance plans which will enable Asuncion to move beyond fragmented cancer care to embrace connected, health system thinking.

Asuncion, Paraguay

Readiness for Access to Breast Cancer Oncology Medicines in Paraguay

Asuncion, Paraguay

Strategic plan for the development of nuclear medicine for the public health sector in Asuncion

Asuncion, Paraguay

Integrating palliative care into the cancer care continuum

Asuncion, Paraguay

Multidisciplinary treatment of colorectal cancers and paediatric leukaemia

Asuncion, Paraguay

Multidisciplinary treatment of breast and cervical cancers

Asuncion, Paraguay

Improving access to quality radiotherapy in Asuncion

Asuncion, Paraguay

Strengthening the capacity and quality of pathology diagnostics in Asuncion

Key achievements toward sustainable impact

The project team has already delivered a range of achievements to raise the quality and equity of cancer care through effective multidisciplinary collaboration:

Dr Julio Rolón

Given the growing complexity of cancer diseases and the progress in scientific and technological knowledge, a multidisciplinary approach for management of cancer patients is the key for better quality of care and patient outcomes. To provide the best care, there must be continuous communication between the different medical specialties and the patients.

Dr Julio Rolón
Director General of The National Cancer Institute (INCAN)

Asuncion stakeholders

Ministerio de Salud Pública y Bienestar Social
Programa Nacional de Control del Cáncer, MSPBS
Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, MSPBS
Instituto de Previsión Social
Universidad Nacional de Asunción. Hospital de Clínicas
Grupo San Roque

Ministerio de Salud Pública y Bienestar Social
Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, MSPBS
Programa Nacional de Control del Cáncer, MSPBS
Laboratorio Central de Anatomía Patológica
Universidad Nacional de Asunción
Universidad Nacional de Asunción – Facultad de Medicina
Hospital de Clínicas
Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencias de la Salud
Instituto de Previsión Social – IPS
Autoridad Reguladora Radiológica y Nuclear
Grupo San Roque
Fundación ReNACI

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