City project

Strengthening the capacity and quality of pathology diagnostics in Asuncion

Improving pathology diagnostics in Asuncion
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Project lead
Dr Alicia Pomata

The challenge

Asuncion’s needs assessment identified a lack of standardisation of laboratory procedures and policies, particularly in the macro and cyto-pathology areas, as well as a lack of regulations and quality control programmes.

The goal

To strengthen the capacity and quality of diagnostics pathology services in Asuncion, increase the effectiveness of pathology laboratory operations, promote standardisation and best practices of procedures, and implement a quality-control and improvement program.


A technical working group was created from public, private and academic institutions to develop the Technical Standard of Procedures and Management of the Laboratories of Anatomic Pathology and Cytotechnology.
The city’s technical working group also participated in multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings to assess the needs, priorities and quality improvements required for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The process was supported by international experts.

Impact / Achievements

The regulatory standard has been shared with 31 local stakeholders from five institutions and submitted to the Ministry of Health.


  • Regulatory standard for pathology and cytopathology laboratories
  • Draft regulation for implementation of the regulatory standard


Project Lead
Dr Alicia Pomata
Project Coordinator
Dr Ingrid Rodríguez and Dr Luis Celias
Project team
Hugo Boggino
Sandra Ocampos
Rolf Pfannf
Fernando Llamosas
Susy Figueredo
Enrique Ayala
Horacio Lezcano
Dr Luis Celias

The project has produced unprecedented outcomes, including the development of standard operating procedures and quality control for pathology laboratories across the country which had not existed before,” says Dr Luis Celias, Chief of Central Anatomopathology lab, Ministry of Health of Paraguay and Project Coordinator of the C/Can Asuncion Pathology Project Team. “A draft regulation to establish and harmonise the minimum quality standards required for all pathology laboratories in the city has also been developed and submitted to Paraguay’s Ministry of Health for endorsement and implementation.

Dr Luis Celias
Chief of Central Anatomopathology lab at Ministry of Health of Paraguay and Project Coordinator of the C/Can Asuncion Pathology Project Team

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Strengthening the capacity and quality of pathology diagnostics in Asuncion

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