City project

Improving access to quality radiotherapy in Asuncion

Providing equitable access to radiotherapy services in Asuncion.
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Project lead
Dr Diego Gimenez Velilla

The challenge

Asuncion’s needs assessment identified the need to improve access to and raise the quality of radiotherapy treatments, improve the availability of equipment, train more qualified human resources personnel and improve treatment quality standards.

The goal

To improve access to and the quality of radiotherapy services in Asuncion, responding to needs in the short, medium and long-term.


By developing a strategic plan for the expansion of radiotherapy through interdisciplinary operational teams. The documents will be consulted and reviewed by international experts and peers nominated by the IAEA and ESTRO.

Impact / Achievements

Resolution has been passed by the Ministry of Health to establish a technical team to develop the strategic radiotherapy plan.


  • Radiotherapy development plan
  • Radiotherapy quality assurance programme


Project Coordinator
Dr Diego Gimenez Velilla
Dr Julio Rojas
Project team
Cesar Cardozo, Ing
Marcelo Godin, MSc
Alicia Pomata, MD
Guisella Rivelli, MSc
Dr. Diego Gimenez

Thanks to close coordination between different specialists in the city, we’ve finally been able to develop a strategic plan that addresses how to improve the provision of radiation services to impact outcomes of cancer patients.

Dr. Diego Gimenez
Medical Advisor at National Cancer Institute of Paraguay

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