City project

Multidisciplinary treatment of colorectal cancers and paediatric leukaemia

Asuncion improves the quality and standardisation of cancer care for colorectal cancer and paediatric leukaemia
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
Project lead
Dr Raul Doria

The challenge

Asuncion faces significant challenges in the comprehensive management of patients with colorectal cancer and paediatric leukaemia due to a lack of multidisciplinary teams, little integrated decision-making and poor follow-up with patients. Differences in the diagnostic and management practices of these cancer types lead to delays in treatment, increasing mortality and a number of associated complications with these pathologies.

The goal

To standardise the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer and paediatric leukaemia in Asuncion. 


In collaboration with international experts from the ASCO, ASCP and ONS, the project team developed multidisciplinary management guidelines for both cancer types. Following international revision and consensus at a local level, a campaign was planned to ensure that all institutions that provide oncological services in Asuncion follow the recommendations. 


  • Guidelines for management of colorectal cancer
  • Guidelines for management of paediatric leukaemia


Project Coordinator
Dr Raul Doria
Project team Colorectal
Dr Cinthia Gauna - Project Coordinator
Dr Nelson Mitsui
Prof Dr Isaias Ricardo Fretes
Dr Maria Luisa Cabañas
Dr Alejandro Gimenez
Dr Gustavo Campos
Dr Laura Cantero
Dr Leticia Viana
Dr Fernando Benitez
Dr Alejandro Sotomayor
Lourdes Cardozo
Laura Joy
Raquel Molinas
Project team Paediatric Leukaemia
Angelia Samudio
Diego Figueredo
Eva Lezcano
Maria Liz Benitez
Ana Ayala
Maria Ofelia Zelada
Sol Aponte
Jazmin Servin
Dr Angélica Samudio

The main objective for these guidelines is to improve access to diagnostic and treatment for each child who suffers from this disease.

Dr Angélica Samudio
Chief of Paediatric Hematology-Oncology Unit at Hospital de Clinicas of the National University of Asuncion

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