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Multidisciplinary approach and standardisation of care for breast and prostate cancers

Porto Alegre improves quality and standardisation of cancer care
Porto Alegre
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
Project lead
Dr André Fay

The challenge

Few cancer patients in low and middle income countries (LMICs) receive a course of treatment that is decided by a multidisciplinary team (MDT) made up of diagnostic, treatment and care specialists.Some centres follow guidelines that put their treatments and procedures beyond the budget of the majority of hospitals, both public and private, while treatment protocols are rarely available to care centres which, as a result, fail to ensure the highest quality of cancer care to patients.

The goal

To improve quality through a multidisciplinary approach and standardised cancer care.


By providing evidence-based, resource-stratified recommendations to clinicians and policy-makers on managing invasive forms of cancer, such as breast and prostate. This empowers organisations to improve the way they work by implementing resource-appropriate clinical management guidelines on breast and prostate cancers, while focusing on capacity development within multidisciplinary team care practice.


The guidelines for prostate and breast cancer are a local effort to bring the best available management to Porto Alegre in a standardised and evidence based way. The process also included a Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course where more than 70 local healthcare providers and international experts, including ASCO´s Chief Medical Officer, discussed the value and need to socialise and implement the guidelines in the city.


  • Guidelines for the management of breast cancer
  • Guidelines for the management of prostate cancer


Project Lead
Dr André Fay
Project coordinator – Prostate Cancer
Dr Brasil Neto, Prostate Cancer Guidelines Coordinator
Project team – Prostate Cancer
Joelson Tomedi - Pathologist
Carolina Hartmann - Pathologist
Caroline Ghezzi - Radiologist
Alice Schuch - Radiologist
Roger Menezes - Radiologist
Carlos Eduardo Anselmi - Radiologist
Guilherme Ribeiro - Urologist
Lucas Burttet - Urologist
Milton Berger - Urologist
Daniel Soares - Urologist
Daniel Melecchi - Urologist
André Fay - Oncologist
Guilherme Geib - Oncologist
Marta Nassif - Radio-oncologist
Fernando Obst - Radio-oncologist
Ana Karina Tanaka - Nurse
Jeferson Piaia Dalmago - Biomedical/Pathologist
Adivanio Américo - Palliative Care
Project coordinator – Breast Cancer
Dr Daniela Rosa, Breast Cancer Guidelines Coordinator
Project team – Breast Cancer
Carolina Hartmann - Pathologist
Fernanda Kraemer - Radiologist
Michela Fauth - Mastologist/Surgeon
Felipe Zerwes - Mastologist/Surgeon
Leonidas Machado - Oncologist/Surgeon
Pedro Liedke - Clinical Oncologist
Christina Oppermann - Clinical Oncologist
Gustavo Alves - Clinical Oncologist
Fernando Obst - Radio-Oncologist
Wilson de Almeida Jr - Radio-Oncologist
Ariane Osório - Nurse Navigator
Jeferson Piaia Dalmago - Biomedic/Pathologist
Matheus Ferla - Palliative Care
Alessandra Borba - Genetics
Maira Caleffi

Working with C/Can is an incredible opportunity for any city that really wants to change its approach to cancer care by putting patients front and centre and bringing stakeholders together.

Maira Caleffi
Chief of Breast Cancer Center President of the Board of the IGCC at Hospital Moinhos de Vento IGCC

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Multidisciplinary approach and standardisation of care for breast and prostate cancers

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