City project

A systemic approach to registering cancer data

Porto Alegre improves cancer surveillance and data-driven decision-making.
Porto Alegre
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
Project lead
Dr Rafael Vargas

The challenge

Cancer data is not collected systematically in Porto Alegre and the quality is often poor, or simply not required. The lack of usable cancer data has hindered analysis of the impact of cancer policies in the medium to long-term, as well as mortality rates for Porto Alegre.

The goal

Improve cancer surveillance and data-driven decision-making in the city.


Restructuring and strengthening Porto Alegre’s population-based cancer registry, with data obtained through a well-organised systematic approach, will provide valuable data to monitor and evaluate cancer care services and policy in the city.


Eight members of the Population-Based Cancer Registry (PBCR) team have been trained, and recommendations report has been delivered to the health department following two days of collaborative work with Brazil’s national cancer institute (INCA) and city officials.
The Secretary of Health has also stipulated that new contracts with hospitals must include an indicator committing the prospective contract partner to share data with the PBCR.


  • Capacity development for PBCR
  • Recommendations to improve the PBCR


Project lead
Dr Rafael Vargas
Project team
Municipal Health Department
Francilene Rainone
Alana Nascimento
Carlos Campos
Laura Rodrigues
Sandra Gonçalves
Douglas Silva
Luis Almeida Souza
Fernanda da Silva de Lima

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