City project

Ensuring sustainable cancer care in Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre develops institutional capabilities to administer cancer care projects
Porto Alegre
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
Project lead
Dr Maira Caleffi, Chief of Breast Cancer Center, Hospital Moinhos de Vento

The challenge

To ensure truly sustainable improvement, Porto Alegre was challenged to build on the work initiated with the support of City Cancer Challenge (C/Can) and ensure cancer care remains at the forefront of policy, innovation and change in the city.

The goal

To develop the necessary institutional and organisational capacity to mobilise resources, manage cancer care projects and keep cancer front and centre of the policy agenda.


By strengthening organisational and institutional capacity to expand and catalyse the efforts begun by Porto Alegre within the C/Can engagement process.


A non-governmental association officially launched to ensure long-term commitment from cancer community stakeholders.


  • Non-profit organisation established.
  • Management and HR capacity developed for a local cancer-focused organisation.
  • Communication and fundraising capacity developed for a local cancer-focused organisation.
  • An online step-by-step guide, containing both recommendations and lessons learnt, developed from Porto Alegre’s sustainability project experience.


Project Lead
Dr Maira Caleffi - Chief of Breast Cancer Center, Hospital Moinhos de Vento
Project Team
Dr Marcelo Capra - Chief of onco-hematology center, Grupo Hospitalar Conceição
Dr Rafael Vargas - Oncology Sector Coordinator, Complexo Hospitalar da Santa Casa de Misericórdia
Dr Daniela Rosa - Oncologist, Breast Cancer Expert, Hospital Moinhos de Vento and Hospital de Clínicas
Rodrigo Loures - President of Nutrimental Food Industries
Walker Massa - CEO of Capsula Design
Mariana Diefenthäler - Lawyer, Coordinator of Health Commission at OAB/RS (BAR)
Dr Brasil Neto - Urologist, Medical Director, Hospital de Clínicas
Leo Voigt - Secretary of Social Development, Porto Alegre Municipality
Dr Wilson de Almeida Jr - Radio-oncologist, Hospital Moinhos de Vento
Patricia Kauer - Lawyer, Breast Cancer Patient Representative
Catia Duarte - Country Head of Communication and Engagement at Novartis
André Costa - Diplomat
Dr Erno Harzheim - Health Manager Dr. Rafaela Dalmolin - Hematologist, Grupo Oncoclínica
Dr Rafael Vargas

This project has proved invaluable in helping us to improve the way we cost radiotherapy treatment for prostate cancer patients, allowing us to better allocate our limited resources and improve outcomes for patients.

Dr Rafael Vargas
Oncology Sector Coordinator Leader of Radiotherapy project in Porto Alegre at Complexo Hospitalar Santa Casa de Misericórdia

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