City project

Improving early cancer diagnosis

Porto Alegre develops a new model for rapid diagnostic pathways
Porto Alegre
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
Project lead
Marcelo Capra

The challenge

Porto Alegre’s situation analysis report, conducted by a group of key city stakeholders, identified delays between the suspicion and diagnosis of lung cancer and melanoma and a lack of awareness of cancer among health professionals (physicians, nurses and community health workers) at the primary health care (PHC) level.

The goal

To improve early diagnosis of lung cancer and melanoma in primary care, enhance access to specialised treatment and strengthen the health system in Porto Alegre.


The project team will develop a new model for rapid diagnostic pathways for cancer care, to be piloted by the Conceição Hospital Group. This will facilitate the identification of a larger number of patients with risk factors and/or symptoms by PHC units.


  • A new model for rapid diagnostic pathways for cancer care developed and piloted by Conceição Hospital Group.
  • Healthcare professionals trained to create and manage rapid diagnostic pathways for cancer care.
  • Rapid diagnostic pathways for cancer care fully adopted by healthcare professionals within Conceição Hospital Group.


Project Lead
Marcelo Capra
Project Team
Dr. Clarice Gabardo Ritter
Dr. Renata Diniz Marques
Dr. Daniela Wilhelms
Dr. Fabio Munhoz Svartman
Dr. Marcelo Capra
Dr. Cláudia Teixeira
Dr. Gabriela Alerico
Natacha Gastal
Dr Gabriela Alerico

Adequate training of HRH on technology usage is the obvious piece of the capacity development puzzle for digital transformation. However, it is sometimes overlooked, assuming that all professionals involved in the project start at a similar level of digital literacy and habit to navigate tools in their daily workflows.

Dr Gabriela Alerico
Project manager for the early diagnostics project in Porto Alegre at N/C Medical Research Consultancy

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