Cross city project

Improving and standardising data sharing infrastructure

Ease city access to digital health information exchange solutions for cancer care.
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
Project lead

The challenge

In the cancer care continuum, patients must navigate numerous and diverse services and facilities. From suspicion of malignancy through diagnosis, referral to a treatment centre and finally palliative care, each process and point of care generates fresh patient data, with differences in documentation from centre to centre, leading to inefficiencies and delays in care provision.
Deploying systems to exchange cancer patient data between treatment tiers and institutions is a priority for all City Cancer Challenge (C/Can) cities, but local information technology decision-makers suffer from limited access to existing data-transfer solutions, caused by a lack of awareness, high cost and/or poor relevance to their local context.

The goal

Facilitate access to cancer data exchange solutions to fast-track the digital transformation of cities’ cancer care systems.


By creating an international community of information technology and oncology experts to reference, review, assess and provide access to solutions suitable for cancer data exchange in LMICs.

Impact / Achievements

It is hoped that the roadmap will underpin the creation of a library of digital solutions and enable different sites and specialisms to exchange data seamlessly.


  • A collaborative roadmap to develop a library of digital solutions for cancer data exchange.
Wisdom Atiwoto

It is important for a country like Ghana to plan the design of our healthcare data ecosystem carefully, especially to support multidisciplinary cancer care. But it is also important that we know which solutions are available to implement our plan quickly and intelligently.

Wisdom Atiwoto
Director of Research Statistics and Information Management (RSIM) at Ministry of Health, Ghana

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