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e-learning course on oncology in primary health care

Development of an e-learning course on oncology for primary health care professionals
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
Project lead

The challenge

During their needs assessment phase, the cities of Kigali, Tbilisi, Cali, Asuncion and Porto Alegre identified and prioritised the need for cancer care training modules for non-cancer medical specialists such as primary healthcare (PHC) professionals, physicians, nurses and social workers.
These modules must leverage existing resources to create and adapt new content to the needs of the cities based on scientific evidence, internationally accepted best practices, and international standards for the virtual training of medical professionals.

The goal

To create an e-learning course that can be shared with host institutions in various cities, building skills for professionals at PHC level to facilitate the early diagnosis and management of common symptoms associated with cancer and cancer therapy.
Specifically, it is hoped that the e-learning course can be integrated into existing continuous medical education programmes at local level in Kigali, Tbilisi, Cali, Asuncion and Porto Alegre, and used to develop a scalable resource for other C/Can cities that identify this as a priority.


City Cancer Challenge (C/Can) has partnered with the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) to create, develop and implement an e-learning course on oncology in Primary Health Care.
The course is aimed at various professionals working at the PHC level, including physicians, nurses and social workers, and has already been translated from English into Spanish, Portuguese and Georgian.
The course will benefit all C/Can cities that require it. As the goal is to transfer knowledge to host institutions in different C/Can cities, the course will be delivered in a transferable format that is compatible with the most widely available e-learning platforms.


  • Development of Spanish and Portuguese versions of the e-learning course on oncology in primary health care for Cali, Asuncion and Porto Alegre.
  • Development of an English version of the e-learning course on oncology in primary health care for Kigali.
  • Development of a Georgian-language version of the e-learning course on oncology in primary health care for Tbilisi.
  • Pilot course (first edition) Tbilisi, Cali, Asuncion and Porto Alegre completed in December 2021.
  • Pilot course (first edition) for Kigali completed in July 2022.
Dr Assumpta Company Serrat

Among the factors with the greatest impact on survival of cancer patients are early diagnosis of the disease and proper control of the symptoms and the adverse effects of treatments. Primary care professionals must play a fundamental role in all of these aspects, which is why this programme is so relevant.

Dr Assumpta Company Serrat
Head of e-oncología at ICO

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