City project

Strengthening planning and capacity development for human resources

Cali strengthens education and professional training programmes in cancer care
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Project lead
Maria Fernanda Tobar

The challenge

Cali’s situation analysis highlighted a number of human resources issues, including disparities in training and certification. The city also requires training and continuing education through informal programmes.

The goal

Strengthen education and professional training programmes in cancer care.


This goal has been achieved with the support of Cali’s main universities. The deans of these universities, using their expertise in local education, have evaluated the training needs of the city’s healthcare professionals and proposed the development of three graduate courses.


Three training courses have been launched for 66 healthcare professionals – management of oncology services, oncology nursing and cancer care for primary care teams. Contracts have been signed to continue the delivery of the oncology services management course in partnership with two universities, and to continue the delivery of the oncology nursing course in partnership with Javeriana University.


Human resources development plan

Training course in management of oncology services

Training course on oncology nursing

Training course on cancer care for primary care teams


Project coordinator
Maria Fernanda Tobar
Project team
Carlos Andrés Portilla
Juan David Ortiz
Giovanni Muñoz
Pedro Villamizar
Luis Alberto Escobar
Julieth Orduña
Diana Martinez
Olga Osorio
Augusto Valderrama
Ms Hilda Gomez

Knowledge exchange experiences like those facilitated by C/Can are great opportunities to learn about different models and strategies from other colleagues that we can then adapt to our own context and strengthen the role of nurse navigators in cancer care.

Ms Hilda Gomez
Oncology Nurse at Hospital Universitario del Valle, Cali, Colombia

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