City project

Multidisciplinary treatment of prostate, colorectal and paediatric leukaemia cancers

Standardising and improving the quality of cancer care in Cali
Completion as of Sep 2, 2022
Project lead
Ángela Regina Zambrano Harvey, Alvaro Osorio Project Lead, Jesús Ardila

The challenge

The harsh reality facing people in LMICs who are diagnosed with prostate, colorectal and paediatric leukaemia cancers is that they will have to navigate a fragmented healthcare system. This is particularly true in Colombia, where a high percentage of the administrative burden is transferred to patients, there is little coordination between the different specialists they will be required to see, and a lack of standardisation inhibits the creation of integrated patient management systems. As a result, decisions about treatment are not always made by a multidisciplinary team (MDT).

The goal

Improve the quality and standardisation of cancer care


The best way to guarantee care and improve outcomes for patients with prostate and colorectal cancer and paediatric leukaemia is by setting up multidisciplinary work groups focused on delivering integrated care by implementing standardised management guidelines and treatment protocols. To this end, City Cancer Challenge (C/Can) and its partners are standardising and implementing management guidelines and treatment protocols for patients with these cancer types.


The new guidelines for prostate, colorectal cancer and paediatric leukaemia have been endorsed by the C/Can City Executive Committee. Cali’s health department is now raising awareness of these guidelines and continuing to monitor implementation, using patient tracing.


  • Guidelines for management of prostate cancer
  • Guidelines for management of colorectal cancer
  • Guidelines for management of paediatric leukaemia


Project Lead colorectal cancer
Ángela Regina Zambrano Harvey
Project Lead prostate cancer
Alvaro Osorio
Project Lead paediatric leukaemia cancer
Jesús Ardila
Project coordinator
Francisco Escobar
Project team
Juan Carlos Bravo
Juliana Escobar Stein
Carlos Buelvas
Alexander Obando
Pedro Arguello
Óscar Rojas
Eduardo Ortiz
Ana Cristina Avendaño
Sandra Avendaño
Rodrigo Cárdenas
Juan Manuel Muñoz
María Claudia Moreno Zúñiga
Frank Carrera
Eliana Rojas
Luz Maritza Pabón
Gabriel Marín
Juan Fernando Medina
Andrés Monroy
Juan Carlos Quesada
Diego Villegas
Carlos Chavarro
Julián Agudelo
María Angelica Daza
Hilda Mary Gómez
Luz Mery Bonilla Ariza
Yaira Gil
Viviana Linares
Marcela Melo
Francisco Escobar
Álvaro Osorio
Luz Maritza Pabón
Carlos Morales
Pablo Sierra
Carolina López
Javier Aluma
Guillermo Potdevin
Oscar Ramírez
Liliana Barragán
Viviana Lotero
Romel Segura Galvis
Ruth María Castro
María Angélica Daza
Yaira Gil
Hilda Mary Gómez Herrera
Viviana Linares
Marcela Melo
Vivian Carolina Piedrahita
Miyerlandi Torres

This alliance with City Cancer Challenge has obviously helped us to align the actors of the health system, both the ABS and the IPS and obviously the local authorities, trying to improve, articulate and work on several issues, mainly. The first action is around screening, timely diagnosis of cancer, timely initiation of treatment and, above all, improving technology to guarantee or improve patient survival. And in the same way, how we improve the articulation and information systems to help us control and supervise the whole plan.

Miyerlandi Torres
District Secretary of Health of Cali

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