City project

Standardising pathology laboratory procedures

Cali’s pathology laboratories improve the quality and standardisation of diagnosis procedures and reporting.
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Project lead
Maria Ximena Varela

The challenge

Cali’s pathology laboratories need to standardise their processes and techniques, as well as improve the quality of their reports, with an emphasis on immunohistochemistry (IHC) and molecular techniques.

The goal

To improve the quality and standardisation of pathology diagnosis in Cali.


By designing a quality control manual based on collaboration between different departments, as well as carrying out comprehensive pathology audits and training in both quality management and IHC.


Selected molecular pathology tests and a pathology quality control manual have been developed, while 67 health professionals have been trained in quality management and Immunohistochemistry (IHC) for pathology.


  • Training in quality management and immunohistochemistry.
  • Justification for selected molecular pathology tests.
  • Pathology quality control manual.


Project Lead
Maria Ximena Varela
Project team
Isabella Caicedo
Luz Sua
Roberto Jaramillo
Daniel Ortiz
Dr. Ximena Varela

Speaking as a pathologist, I would highlight the importance of the training that has been delivered in quality management and IHC. And by working at a multidisciplinary level, we have also been able to design a much-needed quality control manual.

Dr. Ximena Varela

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