City project

Improvement in capacity and quality of pathology laboratories

Increasing the capacity and quality of pathology diagnosis in Yangon City
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Project lead
Prof. Ne Win

The challenge

The Yangon situation analysis report revealed that; the city’s public network of clinical laboratories currently lack uniformity in various areas, including the terms of infrastructure and technological capacity; the level of training and qualifications of personnel; the supply of uniform diagnostic procedures; the development of quality controls and the availability of integrated, online information systems. Improving the quality of oncologic pathology diagnosis is also immensely important, as the overwhelming majority of patients will be diagnosed through analysis of a tissue sample.

The goal

To increase access to and quality of pathology diagnosis in Yangon City.


A local multidisciplinary and inter-institutional team was assembled to coordinate the development of the different project outputs, in consultation with relevant experts in the city and external experts nominated by the technical cooperation partners of City Cancer Challenge (C/Can). The final outputs will be endorsed by the City Executive Committee and the relevant authorities for implementation.

Impact / Achievements

The standard reporting formats for anatomical/histopathology disciplines (Breast, Cervix, Colorectal, Lymphoma) developed.


  • Standard operational procedures
  • Standardised city reporting formats of anatomical/histopathology disciplines (breast, cervix, colorectal, lymphoma). A plan to upgrade the most relevant laboratories in the public sector of Yangon City.


Project Coordinator
Prof. Ne Win, National Health Laboratory and National Blood Centre, Yangon
Project team
Prof. Cho Cho Nyunt, University of Medicine 2, Yangon (Activity Coordinator)
Prof. Dr. Myint Myint Than, North Okkalapa General and Teaching Hospital
Dr Swe Setk, National Health Laboratory
Dr Aye Aye Win, Thingyungune General Hospital
Dr Ngu Wah Min, Yangon Central Women Hospital
Dr Ei Ei Shwe, Yangon Children Hospital
Dr Yamon Myo, Insein General Hospital

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