City project

Supporting cancer surgery specialisation

Organise sub-specialised cancer surgery training in Kigali to respond to the needs of surgical oncology.
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
Project lead
Dr Francois Uwinkindi

The challenge

The Kigali situation analysis identified a number of challenges for surgery within the city. These included a shortage of surgeons specialised in cancer surgery, the absence of clinical guidelines for the management of the most common cancers, a lack of standard written protocols for cancer surgery, and a lack of multidisciplinary teams providing cancer care across all institutions.

The goal

To support the organisation of sub-specialised quality cancer surgery in responding to the growing needs of surgical oncology for prioritised cancers (breast and cervix) in Kigali.


This project will be rescoped to provide fellowship training abroad and local training for the sub-specialisation of breast and cervical cancer surgery in Kigali, in accordance with the local sustainability plan created by City Cancer Challenge (C/Can), as well as the Rwanda Surgery Fellowship Programme.


  • Fellowship training on breast cancer surgery and cervical cancer surgery provided to regional reference centres
  • A local training programme for sub-specialisation of breast and cervical cancer surgery developed in Kigali


Project Lead (City Activity Coordinator)
Dr Francois Uwinkindi
Project Coordinator
Dr Kenneth Ruzindana
Project team
Dr Ainhoa Costas
Dr Polyphile Ntihinyurwa

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