City project

Expanding quality palliative care services

Increasing access to quality palliative care throughout Kigali’s health system, even at community and hospice level.
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Areas of action
Project lead
Dr Francois Uwinkindi

The challenge

Kigali’s situation analysis identified a number of challenges regarding access to palliative care. Specifically, the assessment revealed that this form of treatment is not included in Kigali’s referral system, there are no palliative care packages for cancer patients, and essential palliative care is often abandoned due to lack of access to medicines and specialist palliative centres for care, mentorship and training. Shortages of resources (human resources, treatment guidelines, clinic space and training) were also identified as major challenges.

The goal

To increase access to and quality of palliative care services in the city of Kigali.


A local multidisciplinary, inter-institutional team was assembled to coordinate the development of the various project outputs, in consultation with local and external experts nominated by the technical cooperation partners of City Cancer Challenge (C/Can).
The selected project team members conducted scientific visits to the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, India, a C/Can partner, and the final outputs will be endorsed by the City Executive Committee and the relevant authorities for implementation.


  • Core palliative care package
  • Palliative care service plan with expansion strategy


Project Lead (City Activity Coordinator)
Dr Francois Uwinkindi
Project Coordinator
Eric Kabisa
Project team
Peter Barebwanuwe
Vedaste Hategekimana
Eric Kabisa

The project about palliative care will impact patients to access palliative care services: pain management, social support, psychological support. Those patients with cancer, need palliative care support.

Eric Kabisa
Executive Secretary at Rwanda Palliative Care and Hospice Organization (RPCHO)

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