City project

Multisectoral coordination to standardise nuclear medicine

Tbilisi harmonises the quality of diagnostic imaging for cancer care and assesses readiness to expand nuclear medicine.
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Project lead
Natalia Shengelia

The challenge

The Tbilisi needs assessment identified a series of challenges around imaging services. Limited adherence to clinical guidelines is often exacerbated by the difficulties faced by medical professionals in accessing images from picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) in other hospitals; furthermore, there is no standardised reporting system for radiology results, or external quality assurance process for diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine.

The ability to perform nuclear medicine diagnostic services is limited by Georgia’s lack of capacity to produce radio-isotopes, and a lack of awareness within the medical community regarding nuclear medicine is an obstacle to developing a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care.

The goal

To harmonise the quality of diagnostic imaging for cancer care and assess readiness to expand nuclear medicine capabilities.

The technical report/feasibility study will advocate for the inclusion of Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography (PET-CT) in public and/or private reimbursement schemes and will lay the foundations for the creation of a financial study/investment case to bring PET-CT to the forefront.


Guidelines to ensure the harmonisation of radiology and nuclear medicine services were developed by five interdisciplinary, interinstitutional technical groups. Technical documents and existing guidelines from national and international agencies were reviewed to extract best and evidence-based practices, and the team conducted scientific visits to reference centres in Europe.

Once the drafts of the documents were finalised, consultations for imaging and nuclear medicine were carried out with international experts for both specialisms. The completed documents were then submitted for approval, endorsement and implementation to the relevant authorities, along with capacity-building workshops to disseminate this project.


  • Standardised radiology report prepared with core/mandatory elements for the staging of breast and cervical cancer.
  • Quality assurance guidelines for radiology.
  • Quality assurance guidelines for nuclear medicine.
  • Syllabus for common training of radiation technologists.
  • Pet/CT and Cyclotron development plan


Project Lead
Natalia Shengelia
Project Team
Tsisia Kakhadze
Misha Baramia
Maka Kutateladze
Giorgi Tsivtsivadze

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