City project

Multidisciplinary approach and standardisation of care for breast cancer

Greater Petaling improves quality and standardisation of cancer care
Greater Petaling
Completion as of Mar 31, 2023
Project lead
Prof Nur Aishah Mohd Taib

The challenge

Healthcare provided in Greater Petaling is variable, from basic to enhanced care. Although enhanced care is desirable, the cost of treatment can be prohibitive, and little is known about the quality of basic care in the city.

The first Malaysian Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) on the management of breast cancer, the most common cancer type in Greater Petaling, were published in 2010, and the third and latest edition was published in 2019. However little is known about implementation, reach and adherence.

Greater Petaling city is part of the Klang Valley, with maximum availability of specialised services, thus allowing for a large pool of trainers and multidisciplinary team (MDT) hosts to support peripheral single-specialty hospitals.

The goal

To improve quality through a multidisciplinary approach and standardised cancer care in Greater Petaling.


A local multidisciplinary, inter-institutional team was assembled to coordinate the development of the different project outputs, in consultation with relevant experts in the city and external experts nominated by the technical cooperation partners of City Cancer Challenge (C/Can).

The ASCO-C/Can Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course will be conducted, in collaboration with C/Can partner organisations such as the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), the International Atomic Energy (IAEA), the Tata Memorial Hospital and the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care (ISNCC), to provide capacity development for the multidisciplinary management of breast cancer. The final outputs will be endorsed by the relevant authorities for implementation.


  • Documentation and dissemination of best practices in implementing MDT for breast cancer.
  • Capacity development of MDT care practices and standardisation of care for breast cancer patients.
  • Capacity development to support MDT clinical case discussion and management of breast cancer patients in nine hospitals with specialists.


Project Lead
Prof Nur Aishah Mohd Taib
Project Team
Dr. Anita Baghawi
Dr. Izzuna Mudla bt Mohamed Ghazali
Professor Dr Rosmawati Mohamed
Dr Vijayalakshmi K
Dr Mohamad Rafie Md Kaslan
Dr Patricia Gomez
Dr Vaishnavi Jeyasingam
Dr Lam Chee Loong
Matron Nur Nadia Renu Abdullah

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Greater Petaling, Malaysia

Driving quality cancer care in Asia

Greater Petaling, Malaysia

Multidisciplinary approach and standardisation of care for breast cancer

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