City Cancer Challenge Foundation Announces New Partnership with Chugai to Enhance the Quality of Patient-Centred Cancer Care in Yangon

Quality of patient-centred cancer care in Yangon

City Cancer Challenge Foundation (C/Can) announced a new partnership with Chugai to implement a project focused on improving the quality of patient-centred cancer care through multidisciplinary teams in the city of Yangon, Myanmar.

C/Can and Chugai will be contributing to improvements in the quality of care through a series of capacity building activities for local healthcare professionals to introduce, disseminate and solidify a multidisciplinary and evidence-based clinical decision-making approach for selected types of cancers, prioritized by the situation analysis conducted in the city. The project is expected to accommodate approximately 400 healthcare professionals treating cancer patients in Yangon over the next three years, and prompt the evolution towards a patient-centred approach.

C/Can has been working with the city of Yangon since July 2017, and with the support of C/Can, Yangon Executive and Technical Committees has conducted a comprehensive assessment of cancer care capacity and needs in the city.

 “Yangon City identified the lack of a multidisciplinary approach and the absence of clinical management guidelines adapted to the available resources as major challenges to providing quality cancer care. This partnership with Chugai will ensure that the efforts by local stakeholders to develop quality guidelines and protocols are now translated to tangible positive outcomes for cancer patients by transforming the way cancer care is delivered in Yangon,” explained Dr. Susan Henshall, C/Can CEO.

Under the corporate slogan, “INNOVATION BEYOND IMAGINATION,” Chugai strives to contribute to global healthcare through innovation.

“Chugai aims to utilize its strength, technology, or specialty in its global health activities. We are also focused on helping the sustainable improvement of healthcare mainly in low- and middle-income countries,” said Keiji Kono, Senior Vice President of Global Health Policy.

“Chugai works on realizing patient-centered sustainable healthcare.  We are very excited to support a project that aims at patient-centered quality cancer treatment and care in Yangon through the partnership with C/Can.  We will continue to prioritize local needs and work towards sustainable improvement of access to healthcare utilizing our strengths.”

 About quality cancer care

Quality cancer care is complex and highly dependent on the well-functioning of organizational structures, such as multidisciplinary teams, that enable each provider to add value to the care of the patient at a specific point in time. Each failure in communication between the various care providers can result in delayed treatment planning, reduced therapy effectiveness, unnecessary duplication of tests, misallocation of resources, incomplete follow-up, and reduced patient quality of life.

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