C/Can calls on cities to drive change in cancer care

  • Today, C/Can launches “The City of Tomorrow, a new global campaign to inspire cities in low- and middle-income countries to join C/Can in tackling the world’s growing cancer burden
  • Ahead of October’s Call for Applications inviting cities to join C/Can’s global network, a new interactive website provides a suite of resources and a checklist to help cities to assess and build their readiness to take up the challenge 

Geneva, 4 Feb. Timed to coincide with World Cancer Day on 4 February, City Cancer Challenge (C/Can) is launching its first-ever global campaign, The City of Tomorrow.

“C/Can is ready to support more cities around the world to deliver cancer solutions, and change the future,” says C/Can CEO Dr Susan Henshall.

The City of Tomorrow campaign is built on C/Can’s experience working with cities across Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America to design, plan and implement local cancer care solutions. It is driven by the urgent need to improve access to quality cancer care in response to the growing cancer burden, now responsible for 9.6 million deaths worldwide annually. C/Can knows this ‘dream’ can be realised when cities lead change through strong partnerships, data-driven decision making, and solutions created with and by people affected by cancer. 

The campaign, which will be amplified through a range of initiatives on social networks,  is centred on a purpose-built website (tomorrowcities.org) that includes an interactive digital checklist for cities interested in joining C/Can to assess their readiness: it invites cities with populations of one  million to become part of the C/Can global network by registering and becoming ‘Dreamers’ and meeting a series of challenges on the website that can eventually lead to them join C/Can and become ‘Doers’. If eligible and their application process is successful, they would join C/Can’s nine Doer cities in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe that are already planning and implementing sustainable cancer care solutions that respond to local needs.

C/Can invites all stakeholders, including local government, civil society organisations, industry partners, medical practitioners, patients’ associations and individuals to use the new website to gauge their city’s eligibility and readiness to take on the City Cancer Challenge.

The website checklist can be used to identify areas that may need to be strengthened before considering an application and provides links to resources that are available to help address these areas.

The website features a powerful video entitled The City of Tomorrow that underscores the philosophy driving C/Can’s progress: to transform the approach to cancer care by supporting cities around the world as they work to improve access to equitable, quality cancer care.

C/Can CEO Dr Susan Henshall explains:

“This campaign shows how cities can take the lead in providing quality cancer care for all,  so that, where you live, your gender, and economic or social status does not dictate the care you receive. She adds: “ Cities are hubs of entrepreneurship. By leveraging their innovation and leadership, we are co-creating new ways of working which will drive lasting change in cancer care around the world.


The application process to join C/Can’s global network will officially open on October 21st,2020. Cities will be invited to submit an online Expression of Interest before the deadline of 1 December 2020.

Applications will be reviewed and assessed throughout January and February 2021.  Shortlisted candidates will be invited to provide a full application by 1 March.

Between then and September of 2021, an in-depth due diligence process will be conducted with shortlisted cities, including on-site visits. Between May and December, successful cities will be informed, and public announcements planned in collaboration with city stakeholders, and linked to key global, regional, and national events.


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