C/Can’s Constructive Engagement Framework: A positive approach to multisectoral action for cancer care

In a previous ‘inside story’ we discussed how C/Can’s City Engagement Process has proved to be an effective model to achieve multi-sectoral coordination between the different public and private institutions, civil society organisations, individuals and political actors working on cancer. 

For C/Can’s model to be successful, it is critically important that robust processes are in place to ensure that all C/Can stakeholders maintain a strong “alignment of interest” around our shared vision: to achieve quality and equitable cancer care for all.

That is why C/Can is rolling out a “Constructive Engagement Framework” (CEF), to align its key stakeholders and external audiences around a new type of forward-looking, inclusive approach that is fully consistent with C/Can’s vision, mission, guiding principles and culture. 

The CEF is designed to help C/Can and its key stakeholders align their interests to deliver maximum, balanced and legitimate benefits for all, first and foremost people with cancer – while addressing any improper activities, including real or perceived conflicts of interest, which may arise. It complements existing C/Can policies on affiliations with other organisations, networks or alliances; conflicts of interest; and conduct for board members and advisors. 

C/Can and its key stakeholders are committed to ensuring their activities comply with applicable laws and regulations, and acting with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  The CEF is designed to ingrain these standards and provide guidance on what they mean in practice. 

As C/Can CEO Dr Susan Henshall explains:

“The framework is designed to be robust, credible and efficient, and exemplify a positive narrative that applies to all of C/Can’s community of key stakeholders: do the right thing, the right way – and be proud of what we do.”

C/Can is now working with all its key stakeholders to roll out the CEF and ask them to assess how to apply it to their activities when working with C/Can. Recognising that this is a learning process, C/Can hopes that this framework will also trigger further conversations on how to better foster relationships built on trust, mutual respect and transparency.  In the words of Dr Henshall:

“Doing the right thing for the right reasons is the best and only way to earn and keep the confidence and trust of all our community of key stakeholders and the people we serve.”




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