C/Can approach to data

Since its launch in 2017, C/Can has been developing an evidence-based approach to supporting cities in improving access to quality cancer care. We provide decision-makers in our cities with a detailed snapshot of the cancer care services available, drawn from a comprehensive needs assessment process. We know that there’s no ‘one-size fits all’ solution, so we’ve developed the needs assessment to help identify the specific needs and priorities in each city.

We look wide as well as deep, with questions covering core diagnostic and clinical services from the management of cancer care services, radiology and nuclear medicine, pathology and laboratory medicine, medical oncology, radiotherapy, to surgical care and palliative and supportive care. It asks key questions about quality, access and the healthcare workforce available in each of these areas, as well as community access from a patient perspective

Collecting data is not enough!  We’re always thinking about two things: usability and accuracy. Therefore, we’re continually refining how we present the results we gather from the needs assessment, through custom templates and visualization tools that provide an easily digestible overview of the data.

Secondly, an evidence-based and multi-sectoral approach means understanding that while decisions must be guided by data other social, political, cultural and economic factors will help shape final decisions. Our role is to continue innovating and refining our needs assessment to ensure that we can generate information that is accurate, timely, usable and objective.

To help us further refine our needs assessment process, and define an innovative overall data strategy for C/Can we’re currently bringing together experts in data science and cancer care for a series of Data Dialogues, with support from our partners MSD and Roche.

For a more detailed outline of our approach to data and improving cancer care please read the following article.

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