C/Can and ASCO host multidisciplinary cancer management courses (MCMC) in Latin America

The City Cancer Challenge Foundation (C/Can) and the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) have developed two multidisciplinary cancer management courses (MCMC) in the cities of Leon (Mexico) and Arequipa (Peru) in Autumn 2023.

The interactive course brings international cancer experts – in pathology, imaging, medical and radiation oncology, surgery, palliative care and nursing – to promote a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, considered the gold standard across the world.

C/Can’s experience working with cities in Low-and Middle-Income countries (LMICs) to improve cancer care suggests that building capacity for a multidisciplinary care approach may represent a cost-effective way to improve diagnosis, treatment and follow-up for cancer patients. ASCO and City Cancer Challenge have been holding MCMCs across C/Can’s global network of cities since 2019.

C/Can’s data-driven assessment in each of its cities has consistently shown a lack of operational multidisciplinary teams (MDTS) for treatment planning of cancer patients. MDTs are made up of healthcare professionals of different specialties who work together to assess, plan and manage care for cancer patients. C/Can recognises that the existence of MDTs in cancer care facilitates the appropriate development and use of guidelines for cancer patient management, setting a standard of quality. Participants were able to practice real working conditions, including role activities like simulated MDT meetings or tumour boards, which are meetings attended by key specialists involved in cancer management to discuss diagnosis and treatment for individual patient cases.

ASCO and C/Can will continue their collaboration in 2024, bringing the MCMC to more cities in the City Cancer Challenge network.

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