Our Partners

C/Can is committed to building a global community of multi-sectoral stakeholders. These diverse actors provide expertise and in-kind and financial support during all phases of the initiative’s design, development, and implementation at global, regional, and city levels.

Become a Partner

C/Can is changing the way public- and private-sector stakeholders collaborate. United by a shared vision, C/Can has built a unique network of local, regional, and global partners to work hand-in-hand to bring technical assistance and complementary resources and competencies to cities so that they can create sustainable cancer care solutions.

Becoming a partner means:

  • Joining a globally respected, unique, multi-sectoral movement of cities
  • Contributing and having access to a robust evidence base for investment in urban cancer care
  • Access to a network of experts and decision-makers at local and global levels
  • Raising awareness of your organization across cities and regions through our
    communications efforts
  • The option to support another city applying to join the challenge


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