From city needs to concrete action

As part of our mission to support cities to improve access to equitable, quality cancer care, City Cancer Challenge Foundation (C/Can) provides cities with targeted technical cooperation (TC). But what do we mean when we talk about TC?

At C/Can we define TC as the sharing and transfer of information, know-how and expertise, including through skills training and expert technical assessments in cancer diagnosis, treatment and care. 

As part of the C/Can model, institutions providing cancer care in a city come together to conduct a city-wide assessment of existing capacities and needs in order to identify the city’s main challenges, and design action plans for locally-adapted solutions.  It is in response to these action plans that C/Can delivers technical cooperation: a way to turn city needs into concrete action. 

“By responding directly to city needs, and facilitating local empowerment through an inclusive and sustainable approach, C/Can’s Technical Cooperation activities align closely with C/Can’s core values. We are able to respond to cancer care challenges in a cost-effective, contextually appropriate and sustainable way”. Dr Rolando Camacho, C/Can Special Advisor on Technical Cooperation 

Following the first season of C/Can’s Inside Story series, we are now taking a deeper dive into our TC model. We will explore C/Can’s unique multisectoral and multidisciplinary approach, showing how it drives concrete improvements in access to quality cancer care in cities. 

Story 1: Unlocking the Power of local collaboration

C/Can’s approach to technical cooperation prioritizes, leverages and values local knowledge, perspectives and experiences. . In this first story, we will illustrate some examples of how  C/Can is strengthening alliances between local professionals and institutions towards common city goals, and providing opportunities for local experts to share expertise and best practices.

“The development of our breast cancer guidelines in Kumasi includes the participation of the various institutions that treat cancer, both public and private, to ensure that we operate as a network and clinical cases are discussed within a multidisciplinary team.” -Dr Ernest Osei Bonsu, Head of Oncology Department at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital

Story 2: Consensus For Action 

In the second story of the series, we will take an in-depth look at the methodology used to deliver C/Can’s technical cooperation.  Using concrete examples from the cities we will walk through the key steps from convening local experts, interactive peer-review to international consultation, capacity building and dissemination. 

“The process of developing our breast cancer guidelines in Asunción taught us that broad consultation makes a difference.  It enables implementation and acceptance by the medical community and institutions.” Dr Valeria Sanabria, Breast Cancer Surgeon, Hospital de Clínicas, Asuncion, Paraguay

Story 3: Maximising impact through multisectoral and multidisciplinary collaboration 

The delivery of technical cooperation in C/Can recognises the critical importance of involving the city’s cancer care community in the design and development of solutions, whilst providing access to external expertise as needed. Harnessing the expertise of specialized partner organisations and developing a network of like-minded professionals in C/Can cities is proving to be effective in maximizing the impact, reach and sustainability of C/Can’s technical cooperation activities. In this story, we will showcase the importance of strong multisectoral and multidisciplinary partnerships as a driving principle behind C/Can’s approach to technical cooperation.  We highlight examples of how our partners are helping to shape, develop and deliver C/Can’s growing technical cooperation portfolio in response to city needs. 

“C/Can has a critical role to play in coordinating and combining the strengths of local stakeholders and global experts to join forces to ensure that standard quality cancer care is available for all patients,” Vanessa Eaton, Director of International Education, Department of International Affairs, American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)


Stay tuned for the first blog of this new Inside Story series!


Isabel Mestres Mesa

Director, Global Public Affairs, City Cancer Challenge



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