10. Maintaining a flexible approach based on evidence

November 13, 2020

10. Maintaining a flexible approach based on evidence

Sharing of effective practices and lessons learned will support the customisation and scaling of digital solutions.

Part of an entrepreneurial spirit is to learn, test, validate and, if necessary, adjust. This also means being ready to adapt to local realities, involve the right stakeholders and maintain an open and flexible approach, while not losing sight of the long-term goal to respond to concrete local needs and the possibility of scaling.

One such approach is to learn from and repurpose successful innovative technology solutions, including in other sectors, disease areas or provided by non-oncology stakeholders.

There are also possibilities to connect to existing and well-functioning systems such as established telehealth platforms or applications. In many LMICs, there are simple solutions that already work well, are easy to adapt and do not require substantive changes. Building on what functions effectively and leveraging ‘quick-wins’ can enhance uptake in low-resource settings.

Robust evidence is key to this approach. A landscape assessment, database or selection of effective practices in specific regions and across countries with similar socio-economic, cultural or geographic characteristics will help understand, customize and scale digital solutions.


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