[FAQs] City Cancer Challenge’s Tbilisi Facebook page

Why are you closing Tbilisi’s City Cancer Challenge’s pages?

As C/Can grows and expands into new cities, we have decided to consolidate all our city communications in our global website and social media profiles, in order to ensure consistency.


When will the closure be effective?

C/Can Tbilisi’s Facebook page and website will be definitely closed on date. From that date onwards, information and updates on C/Can’s activity will be found only on our global website citycancerchallenge.org and on our social media profiles.


What pages and social media profiles is C/Can exactly closing?

We will close C/Can Tbilisi’s Facebook page and website (tbilisi.citycancerchallenge.org/).


Will tbilisi.citycancerchallenge.org/ close too?


Will citycancerchallenge.org/ close too?
No, our global page will remain open.


If you close Tbilisi’s pages, where will I be able to find updates on City Cancer Challenge?
You can keep up to date with C/Can’s news and activities in our corporate website (citycancerchallenge.org/), where you can also subscribe to our newsletter. Moreover, you can follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Will City Cancer Challenge continue to operate in Tbilisi?
Yes, C/Can will continue to support the city of Tbilisi in its journey to quality, equitable cancer care for all.