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Less than


of low-income countries
have general access to cancer diagnostics and care


of the world’s population
does not have adequate access to basic diagnostics


4 April 2022

Inaugural Cancer Diagnostics Co-Creation Sprint: Kumasi opens up a goldmine for action

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4 February 2022

City Cancer Challenge marks World Cancer Day with new initiative to prioritise quality and timely cancer diagnosis in LMICs

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2 February 2022

City Cancer Challenge calls for innovators and problem solvers to take collective action to improve cancer diagnostics in LMICs

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31 January 2022

How C/Can is working with its partners to improve diagnostics in LMICs

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18 November 2021

C/Can to support access to accurate, timely cancer diagnosis as part of strengthening cancer care in Kumasi, Ghana.

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11 November 2021

How C/Can and its partners are supporting cities to improve cancer care through better diagnostics.

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