Covid-19 and Cancer: Patient-Focused Resources

To help address concerns, City Cancer Challenge has compiled an initial list of resources to navigate COVID-19 for people living with cancer:

  • Coronavirus 2019: What People With Cancer Should Know

Source: (ASCO´s patient information website)

Summary: The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the US´National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) share their answers to cancer survivors´ 13 most frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and its potential effects on the health and cancer care of people diagnosed with cancer. Available in English and Spanish.

  • Coronavirus: what people with cancer should know

Source: National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health/ United States DHSS

Summary: The US National Cancer Institute (NCI) shares key information on what cancer patients should know about COVID-19 and preventive measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Available in English and Spanish.

  • Common questions about the coronavirus outbreak

Source: American Cancer Society (SPA) (ENG)

Summary:  The American Cancer Society (ACS) answers frequent questions from cancer patients on COVID-19 (Spanish translation).

  • Coronavirus: What Cancer Patients Need to Know

Source: Fred Hutch Cancer Center

Summary: Fred Hutch Cancer Center in Seattle, one of the cities in the United States first affected by COVID-19, offers answers from oncologists about how COVID-19 impacts cancer patients and how to stay healthy.

  • What cancer patients, survivors and caregivers need to know about coronavirus

Source: Cancer Support Community

Summary: offers information for cancer patients particularly focused on emotional support. They offer a cancer support helpline chat with counselors that can provide emotional support to patients in English and Spanish. Patients living outside the US can also reach this helpline via chat. They also offer a virtual community ( so cancer patients can stay connected with other patients.

  • What does Covid mean for children with cancer

Source: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Summary: St. Jude is one of the most respected hospitals for treatment and research on paediatric cancer worldwide. Here, they offer useful resources on COVID-19 including information about the virus and childhood cancer and also tips on how to talk to a child about COVID-19.

  • COVID-19 guidance for children and young people with cancer undergoing treatment

Source: Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG)

Summary: The UK-based Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group provides information for children and young people with cancer undergoing treatment, based on the UK Government and Public Health England advice. This guidance is intended for children and young people on active cancer treatment and up to six months after completion of treatment.

  • COVID-19 – Information Cancer Patients Should KnowS

Source: The Cancer Association of South Africa

Summary: The Cancer Association of South Africa aims at easing the burden and anxiety of the people living with cancer and their family by providing useful information on COVID-19, with links to local support.

  • Comunicado oficial para nuestros pacientes

Source: Liga Colombiana Contra el Cancer

Summary: Liga Colombiana Contra el Cáncer provides information on COVID-19 for cancer patients living in Colombia.

  • Cancer and Coronavirus

Source: National Cancer Instituto Brazil (INCA)

Summary: National Cancer Instituto Brazil (INCA) provides information on COVID-19 for cancer patients living in Brazil.

  • Cancer and Covid-19

Source: Cancer Council Australia

Summary: Cancer Council Australia provides cancer patients with information on COVID-19 and links to local support. Available in 13 languages.