3. Involving the end-user

November 10, 2020

3. Involving the end-user


To ensure the uptake of digital tools, patients and other end-users must be able to see the value and benefit of solutions.

Patients and other end-users, such as clinicians, healthcare providers and others must be able to understand the benefit of digital solutions. Only a clear value for the user will enhance the acceptance and wide usage of digital tools and can overcome resistance related to existing practices or lack of technical knowledge. Engaging patients and communities directly to ensure their needs are targeted appropriately from the start and adjusted as needed, can improve the relevance and sustainability of solutions.

Involving end-users early in the development of a digital solution, can also alleviate the need for additional training or capacity-building efforts. Users that are already familiar with digital health solutions and understand their positive effects, can also act as knowledge multipliers or training focal points, as appropriate. Integrating training and capacity-building needs from the outset is thus an important consideration for innovation.

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