2. Understanding the role of regulatory frameworks and policies

November 10, 2020

2. Understanding the role of regulatory frameworks and policies


By creating a clear framework and common understanding, national digital health plans and strategies can facilitate local uptake of digital technologies

In many contexts, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital solutions by triggering new or updated regulations and legislative frameworks, including for cancer care. In some countries, governments have broadened criteria for telemedicine or expanded insurance coverage for telehealth consultations, including for cancer and psychosocial support. In other contexts, however, legislation regulating telehealth or, more broadly, digital health overall is not strongly developed or restricts such practices.

Solid and clear national e-Health strategies or digital health plans are important factors to facilitate the uptake of digital health interventions in general. As key enablers for innovative solutions, they create a common understanding and acceptance of digital technologies in healthcare and can support decision-makers with guidance. Good governance frameworks and regulations, including on data privacy, should also be backed with appropriate compliance mechanisms.


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